1. Where can I find PDB data files ?
You can download PDB data files at the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB): www.rcsb.org .

2. What 3D shutter glasses are supported ?
So far I've only used it with the ELSA 3D REVELATOR™ - but every other shutter glasses that support Direct3D should work.

3. What file formats does Biomolecular Exploration support ?
So far, Biomol Explorer supports only the Brookhaven PDB fileformat.

4. Will there be any future versions of Biomol Explorer?
I will certainly release bug fixes. Regarding a new version containing new feature sets - only time will tell...

5. Will there be OpenGL or Glide versions of Biomol Explorer?
No. Biomol Explorer is optimized for MS DirectX. Currently DirectX is the most popular & supported Render API on the Windows platforms.

6. Where can I get the latest DirectX version ?
You can download the latest Microsoft DirectX version at: www.microsoft.com/directx