Some Features

- 3D real-time environment
- Supports 3D graphics cards
- Supports Transform & Lightning hardware acceleration
- Supports full screen and windowed render modes
- Supports different display/render resolutions
- Supports Direct3D compatible shutter glasses for true 3D experience
- Scan and view Van der Waals and Coulomb interactions
- Different Camera perspectives with zoom
- Scale and rotate Molecule in real-time
- Autopilot (if you get lost)
- Change several program parameters in INI files using a text editor
- Change and add atom and amino acids properties using INI files
- Gouraud shaded, bilinear filtered and perspective correct textures
- Curved surfaces
- Vertex Fog

What you absolutely need to run Biomolecular Exploration

- A computer running Win95/98/2000
- A desktop color depth of 16Bits (High Color) or higher when running in windowed mode
- Direct3D compatible hardware accelerator that supports windowed mode acceleration
- Microsoft DirectX Version 7 or higher installed


- Joystick
- Transform & Lightning hardware support
- Supports Direct3D compatible shutter glasses